A visit from Cardinal Burke


On November 19, the Carmel of JMJ Fairfield was honored and privileged with a visit by the esteemed Raymond Cardinal Burke! Stopping for dinner the night before at the Caretaker’s home, he then celebrated the Veiling ceremony of a newly professed nun in the morning. On a cold, grey, and windy Monday, the Solemn Pontifical High Mass was attended by over 120 faithful.

    Humble and gentle, Cardinal Burke spoke in his sermon on the subject of the Carmelite vocation and its integral link to the Scapular. Later, he sat down for a brief interview with Jim Hale, describing how impactful this ceremony was for him and how it would continue to be a source of inspiration in the months to come.

    “This is a most beautiful moment we see here,” he said, “and may it be for all of us who are privileged to be part of it the occasion to give ourselves more fully to Christ as Sister Jeanne-Marie of the Cross has done.” He goes on to say, "if the whole Church could learn from what happened here today, to take on Christ, to live more fully in Christ, according to each person's vocation and proper gifts, we wouldn't have the terrible crisis that we have right now.”

    Flanked by young seminarians, Carmelite brothers, a Franciscan hermit, the caretakers, the family of Sr. Jeanne-Marie, and by laity - many of whom had traveled hours to be here, Cardinal Burke offered a Tridentine High Mass while the “fairest flowers” - as Cardinal Burke called them - the Carmelites - lifted their voices in song. Afterwards, His Eminence described it as “one of the most beautiful things that a bishop can possibly do.”

    “I will never forget this,” he said, “and it will continue to be a source of great encouragement for me.”

Full transcript available HERE.

Homily available HERE.