Emerging into the Sunshine

“What could that be?”, Mass attendance joked, fingers pointing toward the bright orb in the sky. 

“Don't look at it, you may scare it”, they laughed. 

Over the treeline in the East, the sun rose higher in the once hazy skies. Frozen ground turned to mud will soon return to sweet green grass and flowers at the little convent in Fairfield. Once busy workmen plowed snows and slush away from roads before services, now could get to other tasks on the grounds. 

Patrick Lemmon and his crew spent much of the cold months inside the stone Guest Cottage, diligently working away. Now they have emerged into the sunshine like bears after a long winter’s nap. 

The Cold winds may be brutal, but the end is near. Action has begun. Ground for the next building has broken and other building and construction plans are underway. It's Spring at the Monastery. 

Like others in the world, the nuns plan a large garden. Spring plants and seedlings will soon sprout. 
The warm soil will be crawling with earthworms under the spades and plows of busy hands. The goal of the mothers is to create a sustainable farm for self sufficient produce. 

The chickens will be at it - scratching and providing eggs. There is even talk of a cow joining the little community. With so many things to do this year, the mothers would need donations of plants and seeds to establish their small farm. You can find the requests here, at the volunteer sign up page.

Growing organic produce can be a time consuming task. Chemicals and hormones added to the soil are expensive and impractical. The mothers wish to make the most of Spring in a natural way, more connected to the Earth created for us. 

Your contributions are appreciated.