Construction At The Monastery

Construction has officially begun on the next building at the Fairfield Carmel.

Just a few days after warm weather arrived, BestLine construction equipment arrived at the site on Water Street in Fairfield and earth started to move.

Currently, the site is undergoing a new layout. Construction vehicles moving earth and stone from the site have become a common occurrence.

A HYDREMA Articulated Truck travels in and around large piles of stone, loaded by a Doosan 235 Excavator. A powerful machine, it is capable of moving as much dirt in a single scoop as a worker could dig in a full day.

Jim Baddorf of Bestline

Jim Baddorf of Bestline

Jim Baddorf of Bestline helped workmen reach construction milestones, such as advising the right machines for the job. Having the right tools are essential for meeting the challenges of the project and staying on track.

One of the major milestones will be the new Recreation and Work Rooms (Vestry). 

This construction will pose many challenges before it has been completed.

Jim said. “I’ve never witnessed anything like this before, but it will definitely be a big event.”

“It’s definitely a monumental milestone as they’re building,” he continues. “There’s always a lot of interest when that happens.”

Some four hundred loads were hauled with the Hydrema Truck over several weeks. James Asbury excavated the foundation, as William Johnson drove each load of stone and earth away, relocating the material into an immense pile elsewhere on site.

Doosan 235 Excavator loading a Hydrema truck

Doosan 235 Excavator loading a Hydrema truck

Asbury, who attended the Pennsylvania College of Technology, is the primary Operator on the site.

James Asbury

James Asbury

“I'm very pleased with Bestline, particularly the service they provide.”

Referring to locking himself out of the Large 235 Excavator early one Monday morning, he said, “most salesmen would not make a trip out to bring a key at 7am on a Monday. It was a great help”.

Soon the mud will be drying and the stones will be flying. Another milestone for the Carmel of JMJ is approaching, as this building starts to ascend toward the sky.

Soon the Vestry, with its Recreation and Work Rooms, will be ready to be put to use.

Pictures provided by Jim Hale photography. To view other photos from his collection, enter the password “carmel”.