Keep climbing higher!

The recreation building is now nearing the tops of the windows and doors on the basement level and the masons are now working on scaffolding around the entire building.


This massive undertaking involves the individual placement of about 100,000 stones. Some of these stones can be seen, like this 400 LB corner stone, but most are small and hidden inside the wall. Hidden but indispensable.  Masons call them "hearting stones" and they form the core strength of the wall and support the visible stones.


The community of Faith behind this building consists of thousands of  you, the Faithful, across the US- indeed across the world- some contributing with large donations, some with small donations. Some donate  a meal to the volunteers who are washing and putting the stone on pallets. Some, hidden but indispensable, support us with a simple prayer.

All are working together, like stones in a wall, for this building of this monastery,  for the spiritual renewal of the Church, for the remaking of this world in Christ.