All Abound in Charity

We are now building between the windows on the second and final floor of the Recreation and Works Building - completion is within sight!


The lime mortar that the masons are using- a Possolanic Hydrolic Lime- is mixed in a 1:3 ratio with sand and then water is added until it has the "bouncy" constituency the masons like. With trowels and pointers the mortar is worked into the wall filling all the spaces between the loose fitting irregular stones. It binds the diverse and multiple stones into one solid integral wall.


One is reminded of Charitas - the love/charity for one's fellow man that knits us rough hewn, imperfect men into a solid whole.

To paraphrase St. Paul: "Above all virtues put on Charity, which binds together all in perfect harmony"- Col 3 :12-14.

Just as without mortar our building would come crashing to the ground, so too without charity our families, our communities, our nation would unravel and self -destruct.

Pray for the virtue of charity to mortar us together.