We are building a monastery to last the ages.

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The church ought to be a building that will serve for generations. It should transcend time and culture… the church ought to be of a significant mass, built with solid foundations and thick walls. This is related to durability… a good solid mass of stone enables the church to be an icon of Christ and reflects the solid base of the Sacred Liturgy…
— Rev. James W. Jackson, FSSP "Nothing Superfluous"

Summer, 2019 - The Guest Cottage’s exterior is entirely finished while not far away, Justin Money and his crew of master craftsmen work on the next building: the largest so far to be constructed on the site. It’s the Recreation and Work Rooms Building and will be completed in the winter of 2019. Click here to read more about it.

Photo credits: Jim Hale

The time-honored skills and crafts,

solemn and sacred liturgies, music, literature, and even the very methods and materials our homes have been built from for centuries are are being brought back to life here in this small corner of the world.  The strong stones dug from the soil by our forefathers and the simple, heavy timber beams of the past will be used to support this new monastery.



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